About Us

China Deviants is a non-profit, decentralized organization with headquarters located in London, United Kingdom. We are dedicated to social movements and committed to raising awareness among the Chinese people, promoting genuine democracy and freedom in China.

We believe that a non-elected government cannot represent the voices of the Chinese people. Only by embracing and practicing democracy and freedom can a government truly represent the interests of its people. As a non-governmental organization, we aim to raise awareness and improve the education of the Chinese people at home and abroad through various forms of action and advocacy, encouraging more people to pay attention to China’s political situation and understand their rights and responsibilities as ordinary citizens. We believe that only in a society full of ideological collisions and democratic atmosphere can people truly realize their dreams and desires, becoming modern citizens who enjoy freedom.

China Deviants’ ultimate goal is to promote genuine democratic institutions in China. We encourage more people to join us, so that through our unity and efforts, there is hope for real change and rebirth in China. To achieve our mission, we take various forms of action, including protests, petitions, online campaigns, and political activities. We are committed to breaking the official information blockade and speaking up for democracy and freedom in China, while maintaining cooperation and communication with other international organizations that share our values.

If you also share our mission and values and want to contribute to China’s democracy and freedom, please contact us. We welcome your participation!

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